Elise & Bradley {Featured Wedding} Columbus, GA Wedding Photographers

By Wes Roberts

To say that we were blessed to be a part of Elise and Bradley's day would be an understatement. Let me start from the beginning...

When we moved to Phenix City, Alabama about 4 years ago, Brock-Allen had not even turned one. Wes and I were very apprehensive about just leaving Brock-Allen with anyone. You know how new parents are...no one is good enough to take care of their child. Well we started attending Golden Acres Baptist Church and through others in our Bible Fellowship Group were told about how wonderful Elise was and what a great babysitter she was.  We decided to have Elise over one afternoon to just get to know her and let Brock-Allen spend some time with her as well. Well...we fell in love with Elise or Ms. Ewees as Brock-Allen calls her and she ended up being our number one babysitter and a great friend of mine. She loves Brock-Allen as her own and has always taken extremely good care of him when she is with him. He loves her as well! Elise has a heart of gold. She spent the last 6 months living with her grandmother and personally caring for her grandmother who passed away a few days before the wedding. She was very close with her and will be missed greatly. 

Wes and I were able to watch Elise and Bradley's relationship grow and even got the privilege of watching Bradley propose to Elise. What a special place they both hold in our hearts! When Elise asked us to shoot her wedding...without hesitation...we said YES!!!!

Simple, sweet details made Elise's wedding so special. She wore her mother's wedding dress which was over 30 years old and was hand sewn by her great-grandmother and grandmother. She carried her grandmothers bracelet wrapped around her bouquet and wore her sister-in-law's veil. Elise's wedding was family affair with everyone pitching in to make the big day perfect. Her brother and sister-in-law did all of the bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower arrangements. Elise's mother made the gorgeous cake, many of the desserts at the reception and the wedding favors of homemade peach or strawberry jam. It was a beautiful day!

It was special for us as well...Brock-Allen was the ringbearer. He loved being a part of Ms. Ewees' big day!

Thank you Bradley and Elise for allowing our family to be a part of your big day!


Blessings, Meg

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