Amber and Philip {Featured Wedding} Columbus, GA Wedding Photographer

By Wes Roberts

It's Friday!  And we have a great wedding to feature today!  From the time we met Amber and Philip we knew they were amazing.  For me (Wes), I really get to know our couples during the engagement session as nearly every topic of conversation comes up.  I love this, because it puts an at ease feel about the whole thing, but I get to see who they really are.  I learned that Philip has aspirations of becoming the President of the United States in 2040 and that Amber and I share a weakness.....Reeses Peanut Buttercups.  Most of all, I was able to experience what their friends and family already know, but their genuineness and hospitality speaks volumes, even right into their wedding day.   I can't thank you two enough for allowing Meg and I to photography your wedding day and to get to know you; we pray and hope that your marriage will be filled with blessings!

Wedding Planner:  Katrina Haynes


Wedding Venue: First United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: The Cultural Arts Center

Florist: Rachel Barrentine

Caterer: Angela and Scott Thomas

Cake Designer: Tara Hines

Hair Artist: Doug Lehr

Music: Legacy

Photobooth: Dothan Photo Booths



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Amber Heath
Amber Heath says:

Thank you so much! The photos are gorgeous and they each capture something special about our wedding day. You and Meg are wonderful photographers, and I'm so happy Philip and I had a chance to get to know you. You truly care about each bride and groom. Not only during the wedding process, but afterwards as well. Thank you again!

Theresa Harper
Theresa Harper says:


Shirley Williams
Shirley Williams says:

Such a beautiful wedding, and the pictures are excellent. So wish I could have been there. I hope you both are always as happy as you are here. Love Aunt Shirley

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