I Love Life

By Wes Roberts

I love life!  I said it!  I enjoy everything that graces my life.  As a Christian I've always thought that I should hate this life since it was so wrenched and full of evil.  And that happiness was to be with Jesus, hanging out talking about all the OT stories he’s seen (for those of you who don’t know, OT stands for Old Testament) and miracles he’s done.  Don’t get me wrong, it is the best and will be way more satisfying than the things I go through here; I mean, your in the presence of God.   This thought came to me when I was having one of my battle moments.  I often get hit with this fear of, what would happen if I wasn't here for Meg and B.  I become paralyzed, stricken with fear.  It’s not because I’m afraid of where I’m going when I exit this body; accepting Jesus as Savior secured that.  But it’s more so, what will I miss.  I looked at B today and that’s when it dawned on me.  I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of what I will miss.  That I’ll miss the small moments of him growing up to be an amazing man.  That I’ll miss an anniversary with my most cherished bride and the touch of her hand.  That I’ll miss the sweet joys that God placed in this life for us to enjoy.  Guess what, He gave us the present of life. We should enjoy it, and we should give Him thanks for every moment of it.  For every breath!  I find myself at times, giving thanks without awareness because He let me experience something amazing, a feeling of love or emotion of happiness.  When I bow before Him, I hope my lips could whisper…”thank you for this life you gave me”.  I hope only to make the most of it proclaiming Jesus’ love with what I have left.  It’s this love I was given and have been able to be satisfied in, by grace, and that I wish all could experience.  I’m Wes and I love life!

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