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Michelle+Ben {Engagement Session} Columbus, GA Wedding Photography

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Wes Roberts Photography| Columbus, GA Wedding Photography

Lacy and John {Featured Wedding} Troy, AL Wedding Photography

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Whenever I have the opportunity to shoot outdoor country weddings, it always takes me back to when I was a kid out at my grandparents land; open area, trees, high grass, flowers.  When I found out that Lacy and John's wedding was going to be just that, I got excited!  These two (Lacy and John) are amazing people.  I got to know them from another one of our couples I had the honor of shooting last year (Meagan and Hunter) and knew from that point they were going to awesome.  The country side wasn't the only thing that excited us, but the amount of detail and creation that was put into making this wedding one that would be a cherished memory for them.  LeRae Events+Design did an amazing job creating a one of a kind wedding detailed just for the couple.  Everything thing about this wedding warms our hearts from the tea cups, to the vintage furniture, to the grits and fried okra.    

Venue - Pisgah Hill

Design -  LeRae Events+Design 

Cakes - Sara Grace Dixon

Florist - LeRae Events+Design

Band - Jason Givens

Lighten Up Thursday {Columbus, GA Family Portrait Photography}

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A couple of months back I did something that I absolutely fear and get that feeling not so good feeling in your stomach.  When you read the following words you might cringe too....Dentist Appt.  I brush my teeth thank you!  Not that I don't like the dentist, its just all the sounds, the scraping noise, the sucking of the straw thingy.  AHHHH!  On this trip it was the usual, small talk about flossing, having my wisdom teeth taken out and then it turns to what do I do for a living.  The converstation goes like this...

Our dentist is originally from Africa (still has awesome accent)

D. So what do you do for a living

Me. I'm a photographer

D.  Really, what do you take pictures of

Me. Weddings

D. Wow, you have to see what I just got in the mail

Me. Ok (still sitting in the chair)

D.  Walks out to get boxes and walks back in with 3 Canon Lens Boxes as follows

50mm 1.4

85mm 1.2

100mm 2.8 macro

Me.  Woah!!

D.  Let's talk about your molar

Me. Doc, talk quick to me so I can check out that 85

I was completely FLOORED.  Here is my new dentist, who has all these (to him) toys, lenses that I dream about.  Then he says to me...

D.  Can you take a picture of me or my assistants?

Me. (thinking to myself) "Woah!!"


Right then it dawned on me, I talk all this trash about being a photographer, now it is time to back it up.  So with that, I pick up his 7D and put that brand new 85 magic right out of the box on and totally got to rock it out on the doc and his assistants.  From that we picked up a portrait contact as well as a wedding contact.  Lesson learned, you have to put in the hard work to know what to do if you are given the chance to perform.  If I was to say I was a photographer and showed them some sub-par pictures, they would have wrote me off as a Joe who just owns a camera.  

Since it was his camera and card, I don't have the pictures I took. :(  So, I'll just add a picture from a recent session of one of our little friends.  He was faster than normal with the rocket pack!


A Session with Jenna A.

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There are times when I get to shoot for myself and get to try out new things.  Really they are old things like different types of lighting styles that have been around forever.  I enjoy the aspect of really getting to dive into it and looking for the specifics, as well as trying to figure how can I add certain techniques to our weddings to make our couples look even more fabulous. 

I teamed up for a practice session with Nathan Leduc and Jenna A. (model) to do just that, practice and to see what we could come up with.  So it was a session of practice lighting, be creative with what you have, and we were in one location at the Columbus Municipal building for the first half and on top of a parking deck for the second half.