Curtis and Leah {Quick Peek} Auburn Wedding Photography

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I wanted to share a quick peek for Curtis and Leah who we had the honor of not only capturing their wedding day but also being a witness to them becoming one before God.  Thank you Curtis and Leah for your life and the love that you show to everyone!


Susanna+Hunter {Auburn, AL Wedding Photographer}

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In the past week I've shared a couple of images from the Camp's wedding, but I wanted to go ahead and reveal the full post.  As a photographer, one of the aspects I love about weddings is the venues that we get to shoot in.  When Susanna told me that their reception venue was the new Auburn Arena and that they were going to be the first wedding couple I knew that there were going to be couples who would die to be the first.  I will say that it was great to be able to walk in there and be in awe of it.  The staff was amazing and if you are interested in it definitely give them a call and get it set up, you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, I want to say a big thanks to Susanna and Hunter, their families and their friends.  We had such an amazing time with y'all and I think the pictures show.

Susanna {Bridal Session} Auburn Wedding Photographer

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One of things that we enjoy is getting the chance to work with our clients before hand. Why? Well, we get to see how awesome you are going to be! :) Plus it gives you the opportunity to see how things roll, and to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I think some of my most fun times shooting have been with my couples during there sessions, plenty of time to laugh at how much of a nerd I am. Susanna's session was no different, her mom accompanied us and we all had fun on this hot day!

Sharon + Will Auburn, Alabama Wedding Photography

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The next stop on the road show, the city of the 2011 NCAA National Champions and a couple that loves their Tigers.  Even though I never attended AU, it's always great when we get to roll through there and especially having the opportunity to shoot at the beautiful Julia Collins Art Museum.  For Will and Sharon it was a dream come true of being able to share the things they love and having them all in one place; family, friends and school.  I love how things work out on wedding days.  The ceremony was to be outside, why does that matter?  Because it rained, but the staff at the museum was amazing in accommodating the change of plans.  Even after the hard work and changes, the rain stopped, sun came out, and even had a rainbow make an appearance; the second in my photography career.  Another reason it was such a great day was that we got to celebrate not only a wedding but also Sharon's birthday!  Sharon, happy late birthday!  I hope this preview will be a great present!