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Kimberly & JJ - Savannah, GA Wedding Photograher

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There is something about old cities that is so intriguing.  In my mind, it's kind of like I want to be an explorer who just happens to discover this old piece of the city that no one knows about, but it's totally not like that.  So we just settle for the trolley tour which is lame, I know!  Savannah is definitely a place to explore, especially with its rich history dating back to the 1700's.  But we weren't just there to explore and site see.  

Out trip to Savannah was to photograph Kimberly and JJ's wedding.  When the two of them were dating JJ felt it was time to ask that  special question.  So on a planned trip to Savannah, he decided to ask Kimberly to be his wife.  What a perfect place.  As the location scouting began they found a quaint little park (one of 22) within the city called Washington Square, which was a perfect location.  As the afternoon sun glowed around the area, the greens of spring and the colors of the surrounding houses sprang to life.  Thank you to Kimberly and JJ for allowing us to join them on their wedding day.  


PS. keep a look out for JJ's Harlem Shake Video! 

Featured on Love Toast Wedding Blog

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We just got news that our spring time wedding shoot was just featured on Love Toast Blog.   Be sure to jump over to there site and check it out.  Also, be sure to check out the vendors that made it look amazing, they are a must have for your wedding day!  

Design: LeRae Events and Design

Invitation Designer:  Whitlee Mullis

Feature Link: Love Toast Blog

Help Portrait 2012 {Columbus, GA}

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This past Saturday was the official day for Help Portrait all across the globe.  While others were preparing we were just getting started.

The main question I normally get is.."what is Help Portrait".  To sum it up, it is where photographers, hair and makeup artist and volunteers join together to provide an experience for those who normally could not afford to have professional portrait photography done.  But it's not just pictures.  It's our chance to make those who normally are forgotten, those who feel worthless, to feel valued.  What can a portrait done by a professional do?  Give someone  the ability to see the beauty that they really have and maybe give them that self confidence to move with greatness.

A conversation I had with a woman that was staying at a local home for women was a perfect example of why we do Help Portrait.  She had been through a hard situation in the previous months that had left her depressed.  From her mouth.... She had gained over 80 lbs in the year and felt worthless.  After showing her the portrait we took of her she began to tear up.  I explained as I looked at the portrait that there was nothing I had to edit on it and I would hang it in my showroom if I was allowed.  Within that, I saw her eyes light up and self worth increase!  How amazing and how beautiful!  There were so many more coverstations that were talked about between volunteers and those having their portraits taken that allowed us to show love.   

This is why we do Help Portrait

Elise Horne {Go.Tell.Love} Columbus, AL Musican Photographer

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Christmas lights are up, the tree is glowing, and the fire place is roaring; keeping you and your family warm. You have a prepared a wonderful Christmas dinner and will gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. But what if all of that changed and you were left to fend for yourself and your family on the street. Cold, hungry, tired and living in fear from moment to moment. Many people around us are facing this challenge every day. They are homeless, some by choice, some by circumstance. They are trying to survive!  As Christians, we are called to take care of these people! The poor, the needy, the orphans and widows.  One girl in particular, Elise Horne,  is doing just that. She has made it her mission to see that these people in our community are cared for!  Go.Tell.Love. Her mission is simple. Go to where the need is in the community. Tell them about Christ and how much he cares form them. Love them!


Not only does Elise have a heart for her community but the Lord has given her an incredible voice. She has chosen to use her voice to honor Him!  In an effort to raise money for Go.Tell.Love. Elise, along with others at our church, recorded a Christmas album. We were given the awesome opportunity to take pictures of Elise for the album. 100% of the funds raised from the sale of the album will go directly to Go.Tell.Love. Elise’s upcoming project will be hosting a Christmas banquet for the homeless in our community. On Dec. 23, a banquet will be held to love on these people in our community. They will be given a fabulous, hot meal, hear the gospel, and receive Christmas gifts.  All of this made possible because of one girls heart for Christ!  Please go to iTunes (search Elise Horne, Go.Tell.Love) to purchase the album or contact us for a copy of the CD.


Lauren+Chad {Engagement Session} Columbus, GA Wedding Photography

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Wes Roberts Photography| Columbus, GA Wedding Photography

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