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Susanna {Bridal Session} Auburn Wedding Photographer

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One of things that we enjoy is getting the chance to work with our clients before hand. Why? Well, we get to see how awesome you are going to be! :) Plus it gives you the opportunity to see how things roll, and to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I think some of my most fun times shooting have been with my couples during there sessions, plenty of time to laugh at how much of a nerd I am. Susanna's session was no different, her mom accompanied us and we all had fun on this hot day!

Haley+Adam {Birmingham, AL Wedding Photography}

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What is there to do in a small college town?  Not much but its apparently a great place to meet your future spouse!  It worked for Meg and I and it worked for Haley and Adam as well.  I can remember making a trip to Birmingham to meet this couple who had been referred to us (I love referrals) and thinking I wonder what they are going to be like and then I got that nervous feeling like I do before I talk to any couples that contact us(don't ask me why).  So, sitting in Panera Bread, butterflys buttering, and BA yelling from his stroller, in walks Haley and Adam and I was sure we were about to scare them off.  After seconds of meeting them, I knew we would fall in love with them and have!  Picking up the phone and calling Haley is like picking up the phone and talking to an old friend.  Adam, thanks for being such an awesome and patient guy even through the stifling heat.  Here's a big THANK YOU to you guys!  We hope you enjoy this preview and we look so forward to keeping up with you!

PS....If you are a bride to be in the Birmingham area and looking for a great venue and a great coordinator, you need to check out B&A Warehouse and give Haley a call.  Besides being our bride,  she is an event coordinator there, so give her a shout!

Catering: B&A Warehouse

Reception Venue: The American Village

Floral Designer: Andy Boyles

Cake Designer: Barb's Cakes

Band: Ready or Not

Virginia+Paul {Montgomery, AL Wedding Photography}

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Who ever thought moving would be easy? The fam took a small step toward our dream by moving out of our apartment and out to our family property. We love it out there, so much land to roam. With small hilly ridges and tons of woods to run though, it is an outdoor lovers land (hiking and biking). Part of this past week though has been overwhelmed with the lack of internet. AT&T left me hanging for a week with two mess ups and a relationship that is loathed. Anyway on to Virgina and Paul...

Let's play word description! I think this is going to be the best way to describe Virgina and her family! Fun, Spunky, and Strong. I'm beginning to think that a running theme is that I fall in love with my couples families. When I first met them at Virginia's bridal session, they captured my heart. Paul, I don't want leave you out either, thanks for being so easy to work with, even through the heat this guy was so laid back. Not to mention Paul killed it during his quick portraits, (you can check those out in the gallery when they are up). Guys, thank you so much for allowing us this amazing opportunity, it was such an honor for us.

A quick thanks to Chris Dekmar as well for his awesome help and amazing eye. If you have a second, jump over to their site and check them out.

Flowers: Shea Ford

Reception Venue: RSA Plaza

Cake: Ligers Bakery

Band: Charlie C and the Cuzmatics

Malerie + Brandon {Troy, AL Wedding Photography}

By Wes Roberts in alabama troy wedding photography columbus georgia wes roberts

They met 6 years ago, but it really began over a game of darts.  A challenge if you will and the game ended with a bulls eye  to Malerie's heart.  From that first meeting between Malerie and Brandon their relationship began to build.  As the buzz of the wedding day events began, everyone was excited (as they should be).  For me it was exciting as well.  It was a chance to return home, to our old church, to many friends and to be excited for these two families that we had known while we were in Troy.  Guys, congratulations and we couldn't  be more excited for both of you as this new journey begins!

Florist: June Flowers

Band: The Park Band

Reception: The Troy Country Club

Cakes: Teresa's Cake Art

Hair: Brooke's Salon