Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to check out our work.  What an exciting time for you!  There's a wedding in the works!  Wow, in just those few words there is a lot, but it is going to be amazing for you!

Something I've noticed over the past years of us shooting is that the clients we were getting were super awesome and nearly just like us (I guess thats why they are super awesome).  It was almost like something drew them to us and we hit it off.  This allowed us to create relationships with our clients that have evolved into more than just clients but into friendships.  It’s the building of these relationships that allow us to be able to capture the essences of the wedding day because we know what means the most.

In order to keep this closeness with our clients and not feel so spread out and overwhelmed, we limit the number of wedding we take during the year.  This allows us to be detailed so that we make sure we have every worry and need covered.  We also do not take every wedding that comes to us; sometimes it’s just not a match and we would rather you be with who best compliments you and the criteria that you are looking for, be it personality, location, price, etc. 

All of our packages are customized to your needs....because as you know one size does not fit all, unless were talking about gloves, hats or bowties.  To get you started, our average weddings are $3500 and if you’d like to find out more information or set up a time to meet us and talk more, then just fill out the "Contact" form. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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