Melissa & Wil {Featured Wedding} Columbus, GA Wedding Photographers

By Wes Roberts

When you are in college, arriving early to class isn't really the thing you do, that is unless something or someone catches your eye.  A quick glance leads to conversation, which leads to studying together, which leads to spending additional time with each other, and leads us to this wedding day.  Melissa and Wil wanted a day that they could enjoy with their family and friends as well as being able to celebrate with elements of the school that united them, elements such as the Toomer Trees and Lemonade, which Auburn's football season makes it even more special.  Each moment of the day was filled with joys that almost seemed to overwhelm the heart and lead you right into the why these two love each other.  To add even more to this wedding, it being held at Callaway Gardens provided an amazing backdrop of simplicity, nature and beauty.  Thank you Melissa and Wil for allowing me to join you and your family on this amazing day!

Venue: Callaway Memorial Chapel

Cake Artist: Sarah Dixon-Chapman

Floral Designer: Bloomwoods Flowers

Reception: Callaway Gardens Discovery Center


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Liesa Allie
Liesa Allie says:

What beautiful pictures! The wedding and the setting were truly magical. Melissa and Wil are such a cute couple and obviously love each other very much. So glad we were able to be there and share in their special day.

Sharon Raney

Absolutely beautiful couple! So happy for Will and Melissa and their families. Great photographs!!

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